Products We Offer

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  • Data Security Appliance

    Our Data Security Appliance allows fine grained control over which individuals can access selective portions of your data. It also allows for fully automated backups so that you can resume business in a few minutes after a machine failure.

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  • Managed Operational Security

    Managed Operational Security(MOS) is a service offered by Kiyaan Infotech where-in a set of services i.e. Websites, Email Services, File Sharing is hosted securely by us and all measures are taken to assure security and integrity of such services.

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  • SkyWall Network Firewall

    Skywall ships in three different variants based on features and bandwidth to be monitored.Our most popular model SKW15 is suitable for small and home office with 5 to 15 computers/devices in a network. Each variant has been designed to meet a specific purpose.

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  • Remote Office Connectivity Appliance

    Our remote office appliance adds value to your current appliance by reducing the cost and complications of multiple connections and provides secure connection to all branch offices to remotely connect to the main server at the head office.

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  • Network Usability Products

    Our bandwidth aggregator appliances ensure that you can utilize multiple heterogeneous internet links to always stay connected incase one of them fails.The bandwidth aggregator ensures that all internet links are utilized and to fall back to active links.

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  • Endpoint Products

    Kiyaan Infotech's endpoint security bundle makes sure that your flow of data is monitored and theft to external devices is stopped. We provide you with incredible insight into every single activity done over a removable device with the ability to block such activity.